Reasons to Visit a Cemetery

Although visiting a cemetery when you’re not required to may seem like a grave idea, there is more to gain for those who decide to visit on their own time.

Learning About History

At burial grounds, there are plenty of passed individuals with complex stories just like ours. Taking note of the names you pass and researching history about them at your local library can be one of the best ways to learn about previous generations and connect to the town you currently live in or are visiting.

Quiet Reflection

Many of those who visit cemeteries say they find their time there very peaceful. With plenty of greenery and statues, cemeteries are ideal for quiet reflection. For many, it is a humbling experience that gives them opportunity to realize that time on Earth isn’t forever and helps them prioritize what really matters.

Pay Your Respects

At the heart, cemeteries are places to honor those that have passed. Visiting relatives can help you feel closer to them and is often an important part of the grieving process. Whether or not you have or had loved ones in the service, consider observing military graves. Observing those who laid their life down for their country is one way to show appreciation and gratitude.

Louis Cicalese, cemetery trustee in New Jersey is president of the board of the historic Harleigh Cemetery and serves as an advisor to a number of non-profit cemetery organizations in New Jersey.