Louis Cicalese Cemeteries – Caring for Families, Eternally.

Louis Cicalese is in business to serve families—one at a time in the communities around our cemeteries—by educating and guiding each person with the importance of preplanning. Our cemeteries are different from others, with a commitment to the families and communities we serve and also to the special people—our people—who will help us honor that intention.

Harleigh Cemetery with pink flowers in the foreground managed by louis cicalese

Funeral Services for All Families

When we inter, entomb or cremate someone, we start a relationship with a family that will last a lifetime. Kindness, tolerance, consideration and non-judgmental behavior is what we do, as our mission states.

Each cemetery Louis Cicalese is the President of features beautiful landscaping and land. From scenic overlooks, hundreds of trees & blossoming flowers, and ponds, each cemetery is a beautiful place to lay a loved one to rest.

More About Us

Our organization makes a conscious effort to regularly review his corporate “touchstone”, so it becomes a constant reminder of how he will continue to help communities.

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Louis Cicalese Harleigh Mausoleum